April 1st 2020
Protection and prevention of unborn children

The protection of the unborn child is a matter of justice and the rights of the child.

The protection of the unborn child is a matter of justice and the rights of the child. How pleasant it is for a woman to wear and especially to give birth to a pretty baby! This miracle of life should not make us forget that a baby is a child with rights. Respect begins with the prevention of all your mother-to-child diseases.

Most diseases that can be transmitted to the fetus today have prevention possibilities. Rubella, measles, tetanus, hepatitis B for which an immunized or vaccinated mother transmits her protection to her baby for the first months of life.

Syphilis, toxoplasmosis for which screening is necessary at the beginning of pregnancy, because in the event of maternal involvement, appropriate treatment for the mother automatically protects the child.

HIV / AIDS, the terrible current pandemic, fatal for babies, must absolutely be avoided for all future unborn children. This involves systematic screening of pregnant women, and for HIV-positive women, taking anti-retroviral drugs during pregnancy and childbirth; childbirth requires special care conditions.

Smoking by pregnant women should be avoided, in any case reduced to the strict minimum. Smoking is responsible for premature deliveries, the birth of frail and small babies, exposed to sudden deaths.

Once the baby is born, he must be protected from the first weeks of certain diseases which could kill him or leave him with serious after-effects. This protection is done by vaccinations which have a simple schedule and available in all PMI. Vaccination against tuberculosis, hepatitis B, measles, poliomyelitis, tetanus and other meningitis.

All these measures are only minimum precautions to take because above all, a baby must be loved; from this immense and infinite love will flow other important attentions for his psychomotor development. It is the sum of all these little things that make every little human say that his mother is the "best mother".