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Prenatal screening are medical techniques used to diagnose foetal abnormalities during pregnancy. Most common disorders are sickle cell anaemia and Down syndrome.


What is amniocentesis ?


Amniocentesis is a prenatal test that tells you about possible baby defects during pregnancy, from a sample of amniotic fluid, the liquid that surrounds the baby.


Should I take this test ?


Patients whose foetus presents a high risk of malformation should take an " amnio ".


This concerns mainly :

- couples with sickle cell anaemia

- pregnant women around age 40.


How is the test conducted ?


A small amount of amniotic fluid is withdrawn from the sac of fluid around the baby (no general anaesthesia is required). The fluid is then quickly sent to a cytogenetics center for analysis.


Testing screens against common disorders of the foetus, such as :

- sickle cell anaemia (SS)

- chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome.


When will I get the result ?


It will take 2 to 3 weeks to have the analysis done.



Last checked : 27/11/2017